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The Owners of SKIN had us excited from the beginning with their vision of creating a high end, state of the art clinic not available anywhere else in Kamloops. The interiors took subtle inspiration from their branding; utilizing a circle motif, warm textures, transitional styling, soft forms, sexy imagery, and feminine charm. The initial space was used as a Doctors office; but needed to be adjusted to accommodate the needs of a medical cosmetic clinic. The main layout changes included a new front reception, snack and coffee bar, consult room, bathrooms, and check out room. We maintained the existing treatment room layout but added new custom millwork stations, lighting, and various murals that each reflect the function of the room. To integrate imagery throughout the space, we custom printed beautiful faces on wood panels to create warm and contrasting elements throughout interior. When being in the space, it makes you happy with it’s brightly lit interior, comfortable furnishings, and gorgeous backdrops.

Contractor: A&T Project Developments

Photographer: Natalie Dollman Photography

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