Fresh Inc.

  • mainpeople door window business
  • maindoor indoors architecture room
  • mainindoors architecture family noperson
  • mainindoors interiordesign room window
  • mainwindow indoors interiordesign architecture
  • mainindoors room window furniture
  • mainindoors noperson architecture family
  • mainwindow indoors reflection light
  • mainfurniture indoors chair seat
  • mainindoors architecture window glassitems
  • mainwindow architecture room indoors
  • mainnoperson indoors architecture light
  • mainbike wheel street noperson
  • mainindoors people noperson light
  • mainindoors interiordesign chair noperson
  • mainindoors lamp room light
  • mainindoors door family noperson
  • mainlight lamp art abstract
  • mainnoperson business retro indoors
  • mainfamily vase indoors room
  • maininteriordesign indoors noperson contemporary
  • mainindoors window room contemporary

Fresh Inc. is a dynamic, innovative, cool, branding & marketing firm located in Kamloops BC. They needed their new space to reflect the casual, laid back vibe of their corporate structure and team. They weren't afraid to go bold with pops of colour and graphics and we utilized the existing concrete walls as a gorgeous industrial backdrop for the space. The custom metal partitions give it that edgy industrial feel. While the modern light fixtures and furnishings give the space a fresh take on the industrial office. It was such a fun space to design and we are thrilled with the results!

Photography: Natalie Dollman Photography

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