Forest Retreat

  • kitchen and table with green chairs
  • kitchen island with green chairs
  • interior designed kitchen with island and green chairs
  • gas stove countertops and cupboards in a new kitchen
  • view from the kitchen into the living area
  • pantry fridge and island in a new kitchen
  • Large comfortable indoor sitting area with a view of the lake

This house is located in the mountains, in the forest, on a lake, we took cues from these beautiful surroundings to establish a contemporary yet cozy, modern mountain home. The budget for this project wasn't very large, but that doesn't mean there can't be big design impact. With some creative planning and use of materials we could achieve a high-end look and feel while maintaining the modest price point. The footprint of the plan didn't allow room for a formal dining space, so Spot On designed a multi-functional showstopper for the center of the kitchen. The island provides the necessary kitchen functions but also allows for seating for up to 8 people. Taking full advantage of the forest vistas, a window was replaced as the kitchen backsplash, allowing both natural light and an open feel to the space. Other elements within the home were crafted using natural raw materials, such the wood open staircase, raw metal fireplace, and beautiful flooring. The end result is a truly relaxing home nestled in the forest.

Photography: Koric Photo

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